The Wedding Guests

What I consider a major hurdle for any new family is the first night away from home well outside the comfort zone of the house and family in close proximity. That night was upon us in the form of my mate Stevie’s wedding. It was an all day all night affairs with an overnight stay in a travel lodge to round it off.

We had done all day trips before but the prospect of staying in a travel lodge, which is a risk unto itself, coupled with Willow’s first time sleeping in a travel cot meant for a flappy me!

We had packed what seemed to be enough rations to get us through weeks in the trenches with nappies, bottles and Cow & Gate coming out my arse! Willow even had 3 dresses in case she or I got sick, poop, chicken dinner on her dress.

You’ll be please to know we got through the ‘I dos’ without a peep from Willow who was trying to steal the brides thunder at any given opportunity the attention seeker.

Willow then did this….


So I could do this…


Alas it was short-lived as our little piggy wanted feeding just as my starter was served for the sit down meal. Picture the scene of a starving, greedy, tantrum throwing man watching everyone enjoy their paté and artisan bread while Willow is sick down my arm.

The main composed of confit chicken leg with dauphinoise potatoes and veg (sublime) and profiteroles to round it off. Willow was a saint throughout the day and was accommodating when it came to photo ops and showed her future poser prowess.

We danced, we drank, we sweated & we migrated back to our travel lodge hovel to wash away the sins of the day and with crossed fingers place Willow in her temporary travel cot home. Safe to say she was happy as a pig in shit and star fished like a boss the whole night without a peep. Safe to say we have now moved her cot into our bedroom at home and done away with the Moses basket to her delight.

Until the next adventure.


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