Steak & White Russians

Since Willow has been born we have had a few people come over and we have had lunch or a couple of drinks but I suppose you could argue this was our first proper dinner party, where all the food and drink was prepared by us (no takeaway get out clause).

With it being payday I wanted to treat myself after a seemingly forever lasting week at work. There is only one way to do that in my eyes and that’s quality cow!

Rare steak, sweet potato wedges, spinach salad with balsamic glaze.

With May bank holiday finally bringing some sunshine into my life. Al-fresco dining seemed the logical choice. The steak was cooked to everyone’s preference (humble brag) the wedges were crisp and the salad added a refreshing crunch; the only thing left was for me to get the cocktails in.

We started with espresso martinis using my friend Rob’s own hand ground blend of ground coffee from his 200° coffee shop (it has naturally nutty, chocolatey flavours). followed by a fine ice-cold Peroni (other lagers are available). 4 empty plates later it was time for dessert… White Russians!

Now I didn’t go traditional and use cream for the white russians, I have a dad bod to eliminate, so blue top milk was the alternative. It’s easy to forget how awesome these buggers are and before you know it all of your vodka has gone!

You may be wondering where Willow was in all of this and why she only seems to have a ‘Stan Lee cameo’ involvement in this publication. That is because she was an absolute hero, she stuck to her usual feed, poop, sleep, repeat cycle, squeezed in a bath and slept through her mother getting über competitive at board games and flipping everyone the bird (while yelling) and having a ‘tactical sick’ at the end of the night. She is even being a good egg while I write this, not feeling 100%.

I’m sure she’ll vomit on me at some point to teach me a lesson. So for those keeping score, you can chalk this steak,cocktail, board game night up in the win column.


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