Date Night

Now we have had nights/Gone out without the baby separately, while the other was on Willow Watch but we hadn’t ventured out the two of us without a child in tow since her birth. Date Night ensued!

Being Apprehensive and excited rolled in with the rebellious feeling of going out on a Monday night like badasses (can’t you tell we are office wankers) we made use of the gorgeous summers evening and walked to the pub opposite the restaurant for a pre-curry beer to get the appetite stirring.

La Pondicherry is just off The Stag Roundabout near Wickersley and has always tugged at my curiosity as I make my daily commute to work. It did not disappoint.


The Decor was more hipster coffee shop than Indian Restaurant with only the table arrangement and sitar giving it away. I Loved it!

We gave in to tradition and had poppadom and pickle tray to start but I always like to try something I have never heard of/cannot pronounce for main, enter Shahe – a chicken dish with cashew, cumin and coriander in a yoghurty type sauce. Not the spice level (or lack there of) I go for but was a taste sensation and well complimented with spicy keema naan.


Excuse My Food photography skills, I’m still learning. In fact the Mrs had to remind me to take a picture for the blog as I had cutlery in hand making a b-line for my plate, I get over zealous around food.

Beers + Curry + Romantic (long) Sunset walk home = sleeping like a log, or so it should. We did however forget to subtract the 1, that is the subconscious waking to check on the baby that was not there.


Oh well, let’s make Monday, school night, date night a regular thing shall we?


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