Now when you have family visiting, you want to take them somewhere they haven’t been before or somewhere that suits all tastes and styles. So when my Grandparents and My Auntie, Uncle and Cousins came to visit I chose Enzo’s Italian on Greasborough road, Rotherham.

Making the booking was easy, a simple call and they were more than happy to accept a large booking with a baby in toe. Now from working in restaurants my self prior to being a father. I knew the pain of taking a reservation and them mutter the words… “and a pram”! You couldn’t tell in their voice on the phone which I appreciated. Being considerate/paranoid we didn’t take the pram in with us we decided to go for the car seat on a chair approach so our girl could sit at the head of the table.

Enzos family

The Place had a Mediterranean Villa type vibe and was aesthetically welcoming, the staff were attentive even though they were rushed off their feet. I know you have been sensing a ‘but’ the whole time and I suppose it does read that way  on reflection. My criticisms a small but some what integral to how the night played out. First of all, no baby changing facilities at all! not even a fold down table situation in a corner somewhere. This information to me would have been pertinent and the time I added “…and a pram”. Luckily our girl won’t remember getting a full outfit change on the back seat of a Vauxhall in a car park in Rotherham covered in poop and self-pity.

Putting that aside the food was sublime, I had my heart set on a king Prawn Starter but alas they had no prawns in the whole establishment or the tuna starter my mother-in-law had been eyeing up since she arrived. Now it’s only because I have worked in the trade that I am probably critical but again the pertinent info of missing menu items seems better placed at the beginning of our interaction with the waitress not when I have fully committed to eating said food stuff. That being said I inhaled my spinach and ricotta ravioli starter and soon forgot what prawns were.

The whole meal Willow was a darling and only murmured with a little trapped wind that slinging her over the shoulder soon fixed. We fed her just before hand and the drive to the restaurant was long enough to put her in a trance. I’m starting to think we are super lucky and our child is a ‘gem’ or maybe all the attention from our guests keeps her happy and when we go it as a duo she will mug us off like a diva!

But that’s a problem for future me.




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