As a guy whose favourite pass times are hosting dinner parties, eating out, watching food related TV and reading food related prose. It only seemed fitting I contribute to this world by starting my own food blog/journey. I don’t want to use the cliché word foodie but I suppose it is the best word to describe how I talk about and relate to food. For some, food is just a means to an end but for me it’s a passion. While eating one meal I am already planning my next and the day’s and week’s meals after that! I could spend hours in the kitchen chopping, prepping, cooking. So when my daughter arrived in March 2017 I was worried I would have to sacrifice the restaurants and pub grub and all those dinner parties yet to be.

I have watched friends and work colleagues reside to the life of the hermit, where the office Christmas party is their one day of freedom amidst the other 363 days which are reserved for turkey dinosaurs and beans!


The reason I want to document my new journey is to defy the anecdote above and prove that my predispositions are false. I want to share my stories and experiences about eating out and hosting so people like me and others can find out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to doing everything food related with a child in one arm.


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