As a guy whose favourite pass times are hosting dinner parties, eating out, watching food related TV and reading food related prose. It only seemed fitting I contribute to this world by starting my own food blog/journey. I don't want to use the cliché word foodie but I suppose it is the best word to... Continue Reading →

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The Wedding Guests

What I consider a major hurdle for any new family is the first night away from home well outside the comfort zone of the house and family in close proximity. That night was upon us in the form of my mate Stevie's wedding. It was an all day all night affairs with an overnight stay... Continue Reading →

Steak & White Russians

Since Willow has been born we have had a few people come over and we have had lunch or a couple of drinks but I suppose you could argue this was our first proper dinner party, where all the food and drink was prepared by us (no takeaway get out clause). With it being payday... Continue Reading →

Date Night

Now we have had nights/Gone out without the baby separately, while the other was on Willow Watch but we hadn't ventured out the two of us without a child in tow since her birth. Date Night ensued! Being Apprehensive and excited rolled in with the rebellious feeling of going out on a Monday night like... Continue Reading →


Now when you have family visiting, you want to take them somewhere they haven't been before or somewhere that suits all tastes and styles. So when my Grandparents and My Auntie, Uncle and Cousins came to visit I chose Enzo's Italian on Greasborough road, Rotherham. Making the booking was easy, a simple call and they... Continue Reading →

City Centre Dilemma

Now you would think a trip into town to buy some Dr Marten boots and have a bite to eat would be simple right? Me to! what transpired was a cloud of self-conscious awkwardness following us around Sheffield City centre. To start with a positive I purchased my soft leather, comfort fit Dr Martens with... Continue Reading →

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